How to dress an entry?

How to dress an entry?

The entrance is a passage room but that does not mean that it is less neat than the other rooms where you spend more time. On the contrary, the entrance will give the first impression of your home then as long as it is good. Here are some tips to dress up your entry.

Dress the walls of an entrance

Take advantage of this passage to allow you some eccentricities. Dare strong colors like red or black that would be difficult to use in another room. In the same way, you can use a wallpaper with unusual macro patterns or trompe l'oeil like capiton. The entrance then becomes a real playground. And for that, you can even use slate paint to write small words in chalk.

Furnish an entrance

Note that there is a multitude of furniture and accessories that can be easily installed in the entrance. Think of storage to optimize the space of your home. You can for example install a shoe cabinet and a coat rack to get rid of at the entrance. To complete the decor, have a narrow console on which you will place a very useful storage pocket to easily find the keys to the house. Discover our selection to dress the entrance.