Create a table decor with southern accents

Create a table decor with southern accents

Whether you live in the South of France or elsewhere, you may want a convivial table decoration that smells good of the Mediterranean, then bet on a table decoration with accents of the South. You could almost hear the cicadas singing…

Typical dishes

For a table decoration with southern accents, we put on simple tableware but which recalls the sun and the conviviality of Provence. Remember to choose terracotta plates for an authentic style. You can opt for patterns typical of the region such as olives, cicadas or sprigs of lavender. To decorate the table, you can have jugs of oil in pottery and a few sprigs of lavender precisely.

Warm colors

Choose colors reminiscent of the sun! So all warm colors are welcome. Red, orange, yellow, pink settle on the table linen but also on plates and glasses. To highlight the colors, think of the stripes that give a very colorful and friendly side. Discover our selection for a table decor with southern accents.