Mistakes to Avoid in Setting Up a Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid in Setting Up a Kitchen

When designing your kitchen, it is important to determine the layout of the elements of the room. The layout must follow a few rules in order to optimize the operation of the appliances and to facilitate your movements in the kitchen. Here are some mistakes to avoid for an ideal kitchen.

The refrigerator should not be near a heat source

This is a rule of thumb: the refrigerator should be placed as far away from the hob and the oven as possible. If the two appliances are too close, the refrigerator may suffer and consume more energy to maintain a low temperature. By moving the refrigerator away, you increase its lifespan and preserve the planet.

The sink must not be away from work areas

The most common route in the kitchen is from the worktop or hob to the sink. So to avoid unnecessary movement, you must place the sink in a central location, both close to the hob and the worktop or island.

The island should not be too far from the rest of the kitchen

If you plan to install an island in your room, it is important that it is well away from the rest of the kitchen elements. Indeed, you will move many times between the sink, the hob and the island, so make sure that it is not too far or off-center.

You should not obstruct traffic when cooking

Finally, make sure that circulation is facilitated in the kitchen. For this, it is necessary that your elements are not too close to each other. Make sure that two people can meet so as not to block the passage as soon as you cook.

Don't overlook the height of your kitchen furniture

Depending on the kitchen designer who is in charge of your project, you will have the choice of the height of the furniture. So do not hesitate to choose taller furniture if you are tall so as not to create back problems. In the same way, think about the height of the cupboards so that they do not interfere with activities, and so that everyone can have access to them.