Which shower curtain for which style?

Which shower curtain for which style?

When it comes to shower curtains, the choice of color and patterns is almost endless. However, the selection criteria remain the material of the curtain and its aesthetics. To guide you, we offer a selection of shower curtains according to your style. So, nature, baroque or pop atmosphere, the choice is yours!

A shower curtain for a natural spirit

The nature style lends itself particularly well to the bathroom, this room where you like to relax and get rid of the stress of the day. So for the shower curtain to set the tone, we put on the color green for its soothing side that reminds of nature. You can also opt for patterns with a curtain that features bamboo stems, plane tree leaves or delicate flowers.

Baroque atmosphere on the shower curtain

To give a baroque atmosphere to the bathroom, we choose elegant shower curtains that could be installed in the living room if their material did not predestine them to this pond. We opt for large curtains which are adorned with complex patterns where curves and counter-curves create monumental arabesques. For this style, the color black will be ideal but you can also turn to gold, red or fuchsia.

Pop decor for a vitamin shower curtain

If your bathroom is a real decorative playground for you, you can choose an original and offbeat shower curtain. Bet on vitamin colors: red, yellow, orange, pink ... On the motif side, you will find very graphic polka dots, funny messages or even giant ducks ... Discover our selection of shower curtains for the bathroom: