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How to choose your automatic watering

How to choose your automatic watering

Whether for a large garden, a balcony or a terrace, automatic watering has great advantages. But did you know that we will not use the same type of watering according to the space and the needs of the plants? Here are some tips for choosing the right watering system.

Why choose automatic watering?

Automatic watering will offer you undeniable comfort! Thanks to this installation, you will not need to water early in the morning or late at night because the programmer will do it for you. Automatic watering will meet your requirements and you will no longer have to think about this part of garden maintenance. On the other hand, you will enjoy great tranquility when you go on vacation because the automatic watering will ensure the irrigation of your garden.

The type of watering

Know that each garden has its watering solution! So you will not use the same system if you want to water your lawn, your planters or your beds. To water the garden in a global way, we opt for an oscillating or rotary sprinkler that we install at a strategic point in the garden. Thanks to a timer, watering will start at the desired time and for a given time. If you want to water planters or potted plants, you will have to turn to the side of drip systems. Again the programmer triggers the arrival of water in the system which distills the water at given points. For a more elaborate system, there is an automatic underground watering system with several irrigation nozzles arranged in the garden soil. This type of watering is ideal because the power of each sprinkler can be adjusted, and you have the sprinklers in the places where you need them most.

The work to be undertaken

If the drip system and the oscillating sprinkler system are to be connected to a tap or a water collector and an electrical outlet, the buried system is much heavier. Indeed, if you opt for this device, it will be necessary that small pipes pass under the soil of your garden. Thus the installation of a buried automatic sprinkler requires digging trenches. On the cost side, you should know that the price depends on the size of the garden but also on the system. The more it is developed, the higher it will be.