When our most beautiful photos decorate

When our most beautiful photos decorate

Vacation photos, family photos, photos brought back from a trip or taken during particular events: each of these images reminds us of a unique moment, so many precious memories. To punctuate the decor of these moments that are important to us, we are spoiled for choice. Close-up on good ideas to draw.

Jumbled frames

The trend in photography is to bet on multi-frames! Whether wall-mounted or free-standing, these accessories where you insert not just one, but a multitude of photos, highlight the memories. The rendering indeed looks like a giant puzzle that catches the eye and curiosity.

A thread to hang your photos

The laundry hanging in the garden is almost dethroned. The fault with the metallic wires that we hang horizontally on a wall, and on which we clip our most beautiful photos. The must ? Vary the size of the images (photo booth, standard size or mini version) and mix them with postcards: more movement, more rhythm, more style.

When photos are displayed in decorative accessories

What could be more original than a screen as a giant jumble? Or a clock whose photos replace the 12 hours? But it is not finished ! Some fridge magnets take the form of mini frames while some wall friezes are decorated with photo holders. Our creative leisure videos