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4 rules to follow to properly landscap your garden

4 rules to follow to properly landscap your garden

1. Adapt to the terrain and optimize space

The first thing to do before thinking of landscaping is tostudy the field environment. Namely: the slopes, the trees and shrubs, the different levels, the elements to remove or keep ... This is an important step to take stock of what is possible or not when designing the garden.

In the same way, think of study the nature of your soil (clay, sandy, limestone, loamy, humus). If you want to grow plants, you must know which are the most suitable for your soil. Do not forget to imagine the adult size of your new plants in order to anticipate and optimize the space.

Last thing, you should know the position of your garden in order to delimit the areas of shade and sunshine throughout the day. If you want a vegetable garden, for example, it should be located in a sunny area.

2. Draw a plan

Once the analysis of your garden has been made, all you have to do is put everything on a plan. This will allow you to remember nothing and avoid the lack of consistency. In addition to saving time, creating a plan gives you the possibility of imagining several plant arrangements and compositions. To help you, many garden creation software are available online such as Google SketchUp, Eden-virtual or Mes Petits Légumes for vegetable gardens. It will be the best way to project yourself!

3. Define the garden style

To structure your garden, you must define its type of arrangement as well as its decorative style ! Do you want a natural, landscaped or uncluttered garden? Do you want a grass garden, a water garden or a flower garden? So many questions that, according to your desires, will help you choose a main theme.

To help you find inspiration, here are some garden styles and their specifics:

  • The English garden : this style of garden is suitable for all those who like abundant vegetation and a wild streak. Clumps, perennials, grasses and climbing plants (especially roses) mingle happily in this type of garden. Here, nature is in the spotlight, it expresses itself without restraint and gives pride of place to flowers to bring poetry and softness outdoors.
  • The formal garden : unlike the English garden, the French garden is much more minimalist. It stands out for its symmetrical structure and its rigor. Indeed, we imagine it with several demarcated flowerbeds, a perfect lawn, straight hedges, natural stone paths and well-controlled plants. It's simple, everything has its place in a French style garden!
  • The zen garden (or Japanese): This type of exterior focuses on the presence of three elements, namely mineral, vegetable and water. In this style of garden, everything is in the details! The colors, the handmade lanterns, the number of pebbles, the quality and nobility of the materials, the Japanese steps to cross the water areas, the size of the trees, the water sources ... The Japanese garden is one of the most cared for in the world. With him, relaxation and relaxation are waiting for you!
  • The exotic garden : as its name suggests, this type of garden gives the impression of being in the tropics. He uses exotic plants such as bamboo, banana and palm trees of all kinds. It has no constraints in terms of layout, except that the plants must benefit from enough sunshine to flourish.

4. Create a relaxation area

You cannot imagine your exterior without having a relaxation area built in it! Remember that the outside is often an extension of the inside and that your terrace is an additional room. So many reasons to arrange it in the rules of art.

French gardens and contemporary style can set their sights on a garden furniture with sleek and graphic lines. The colors are sober and elegant and we readily imagine a geometric brazier for the touch of modernity. The English gardens, them, will be able to crack on authentic and bucolic furniture like wrought iron. A pretty pergola on which climbing plants intersect can be used to create shade in this type of garden. Zen gardens favor quality over quantity. Choose ultra comfortable seats with soft cushions. Bet on natural and sustainable materials and let yourself be guided by feng shui! And finally, there is nothing easier than setting up a cozy corner in an exotic garden! Hang a hammock between two trees, collect the carpets and cushions on the ground, say yes to the mix and match of patterns and prints in sunny colors… The idea is to feel on vacation all year round!