How to properly place a large mirror in your interior?

How to properly place a large mirror in your interior?

The details to take into account when placing a large mirror

If there are some rules for installing a mirror, they are even more valid for placing a large mirror. For example ? Install a large mirror in a living room, yes, as long as it does not reflect the television screen when you sit down to watch it. To reflect the windows and the light sources in order to enlarge the space, it is also yes, on condition of not causing dazzling because of an ill-thought angle: we place them at an angle rather than directly opposite.

Last detail, the large mirror in the bedroom, why not, but preferably not in front of the bed, question of feng shui. In summary, positioning a mirror requires extensive testing, lights off and on, seated and standing, depending on the uses of the room chosen!

A large mirror placed on the ground

A simple tip for place a large vertical mirror in the house ? We put it on the ground! Installed against the wall of the entrance, bedroom or dressing room, it turns into a full-length mirror to check its look before leaving the room. An easy trick that works just as well with a retro psyche-style standing mirror as with a large frame without feet… on two conditions.

On the one hand, the mirror must be large enough to fully reflect the silhouette without cutting off the head, and on the other, the place must offer enough perspective so that you do not have to stick to it to see yourself. Beware of fixing, passing, especially with animals or children at home: even posed, better fix the large mirror on the wall to avoid seeing it fall.

A large mirror hanging on the wall

To enlarge the space without losing floor space, the most classic solution remains hanging. Hanging on the wall, a large mirror can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the space available and the desired effect. A tip often used in a living room like the living room above the sofa, or the dining room above the sideboard, but also in small rooms like the entry… or even in the bathroom to give style in the mirror above the basins!

The secret of a large hanging mirror ? It is never glued to nearby furniture. There are 20 to 50 cm, approximately, between the edge of the mirror and the back of the sofa, the entry bench, the top of the bathroom furniture, etc ... while ensuring that the height allows to see without difficulty and that the fixing is solid.

A large mirror placed on a piece of furniture

Another idea for place a large mirror, we put it on an existing piece of furniture, quite simply. The solution has the merit of removing the mirror from the hands of children or the legs of animals and adding a real decorative surprise, which should not prevent it from being fixed to the wall to avoid accidents. Again, the option is versatile, you can even install it horizontally on a sideboard or vertically on a chest of drawers.

On a console, the large mirror becomes a dressing table, on a washbasin, it becomes a bathroom mirror, and on the entrance bench, a full-length mirror ... Anything more? Placed on the mantel of a fireplace, a large mirror is as chic as it is classic. But beware, we still control the weight of the mirror compared to the resistance of the support!