Paint linoleum

Paint linoleum

Do you want to restore your linoleum, give it a new look, but don't know how to do it? The solution is at hand: you just need to paint the linoleum. Although the paint does not last over time, this work will save you from taking off your linoleum and starting from scratch.

Painting linoleum: cleaning the floor

Start by emptying the room to prevent your furniture and objects from being covered with paint. Also protect yourself with gloves and old clothes. Then clean your floor with a broom and a neutral pH product so that it is thoroughly cleaned. Sponge it all and let it dry for a while. If it is linoleum tiles, do not forget to remove any waxy coat and sand your floor with fine-grained paper. Then go to the underlay. You will apply it on all of your soil using a roller, then you will let it dry.

Painting linoleum: painting the floor

Once the underlay has been added, wash your roller and apply the entire acrylic paint you have selected beforehand, first lengthwise. The first coat dries, pass a second but this time in the direction of the width. Then let it dry for two days. Finish by applying a layer of protective resin. This last layer will allow your soil to better resist impacts and weather. To subsequently clean your linoleum floor, use a neutral pH product to avoid unpleasant surprises during maintenance.