Install an interior blind for roof window

Install an interior blind for roof window

The roof windows being tilted, the installation of blinds for roof windows is a little different from the installation of a traditional blind. In the end, it will be necessary to ensure that the blind follows, without hampering, all the movements of the roof window. This remains largely within the reach of a good handyman.

The material necessary for the installation of an interior blind for roof window

There are currently several models of roof window blinds, sliding or not. They are generally sold in the form of very complete kits. These kits contain all the material necessary for installing an interior blind for a roof window. Bringing a simple screwdriver in addition should therefore suffice. And again, some kits even contain one. However, be careful to choose a kit compatible with your window. Indeed, some blinds are only designed for windows of a specific brand.

Installation of an interior blind for roof window

No need to go up on the roof, the blind of course being placed on the movable frame inside your window. So start by opening your kit. Open your window to make sure your blind will not interfere with its movement. Take the blind roller and present it at the top of your window frame, which is still open. Screw it. The next step depends on whether it is a sliding awning or not. If there are runners, present the rails on each side of the window. They must be placed flush with the frame. Screw them to your chassis; the blind is ready to use. If it is a blind without runners, you have two hooks to screw at the bottom, on either side of your frame. The hooks must be turned down in order to block the blind when it is lowered. Once fixed, you just have to wind the spring of your awning for it to be operational.