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Choosing a thermodynamic water heater

Choosing a thermodynamic water heater

The thermodynamic water heater meets the needs of a home while respecting the environment. But if it saves money in the long term, its purchase and installation cost is high.

Thermodynamic water heater: air recovery

The thermodynamic water heater works thanks to an air heat pump integrated into the tank in which the water is stored. The pump draws in ambient air and recovers calories from it. The air is then compressed in a compressor, which increases the temperature. In the condenser, the fluid is then heated and passes into a holder where it loses heat. A backup water heater, solar or electric, can help the system provide enough hot water.

Thermodynamic water heater: decisive location for performance

A Coefficient of Performance (COP), established by a certifying body, assesses the performance of thermodynamic water heaters. Overall, this type of device allows savings of around 40 to 50%. Several variables come into play, including the location of the water heater. For maximum efficiency, the thermodynamic water heater should be placed in a large room where air is available for better heat recovery. An ambient temperature of 12-15 ° C also improves performance. Thus, placing the water heater in a laundromat or a temperate garage is ideal.

Price of the thermodynamic water heater

A thermodynamic water heater costs around 3,500 €, installation included. Various tax incentives exist due to the ecological character of the system, which remains especially interesting for equipping large houses. > Request a quote for thermodynamic water heaters