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Arrange the bottom of a staircase

Arrange the bottom of a staircase

Indispensable in most houses, the staircase is an element of decoration in itself. However, its size and location often lead to a loss of space. Here are some tips for arranging the bottom of a staircase and recovering useful space.

Closets under a staircase

In most houses, the arrangement of the underside of a staircase can be summed up in a custom closet installation. Used to store clothes or shoes in an entrance hall, this solution is often inexpensive and can be easily adapted to any type of staircase. There are also different systems for opening these cupboards for perfect harmony with your interior. If customization is too complicated to set up at home, you can just as easily turn to staircase furniture (there are many and different sizes) that will follow the slope of your staircase.

Other possibilities of arrangement in a staircase

Beyond the integration of cupboards, the bottom of a staircase can be arranged in several other ways. Thus, simple shelves that extend below the steps will give a guaranteed visual effect and a little more airy functionality than cupboards. Another possible use: if it is not located in your entrance hall, the bottom of the staircase can prove to be the ideal place to place a small desk, a sofa, a reading place or a relaxation area where privacy and space saving will go well together.