Feature: a top swimming pool

Feature: a top swimming pool

Having a swimming pool is the dream of many French people, but once you have one, the work doesn't stop there! And yes, the pool requires some maintenance. But above all, for it to be really pleasant, we do not forget the decor.

The new pools

Last January, the Swimming Pool & Spa show presented all the new swimming pool products. The event was an opportunity to discover real innovations such as a glass swimming pool but also to make a list of the mistakes to avoid when building a swimming pool. We are also discovering that we are moving further and further away from traditional forms in favor of tailor-made swimming pools that best adapt to the landscape. Does that make you want? Take a look at our selection of 10 amazingly shaped pools! And to prepare your pool for the summer, take note of all the mistakes to avoid.

The decor side pool

Did you know that a swimming pool is decorated in the same way as another space in the house? Since the garden has become a real living space, the swimming pool plays a considerable role in it. We no longer hesitate to highlight the edges of the pool with our 10 decor ideas to discover in pictures and we light up the space with 3 trendy ideas like light ribbons, light pots or floating balls (to adopt urgently). With all of these tips, your pool could become the centerpiece of your garden both on sunny days and at night.