Why should you use manure?

An excellent natural fertilizer, manure improves the quality of the soil in the long term by enriching it with humus, an essential element for microbial life. A mixture of excrement and plant litter, it also brings a biological balance to the soil, which traditional chemical fertilizers sometimes find it difficult to satisfy.

How to recognize quality manure?

The best manure is one that has a homogeneous share of animal droppings and straw. There are different kinds of it: horse manure (called hot) will be suitable for clay soil while cow or pig manure (said cold) will be more suitable for calcareous or sandy soil, even if it contains a large number higher pathogens. Furthermore, the product must neither "drip" nor form a too compact mass.

When to use it?

The best times to spread manure are late fall or winter. The decomposition of the manure being slow, this will allow it to protect the soil and to mix with it gradually before the new plantings in spring.

How to proceed ?

No need to dig the earth and bury the manure in it, a simple spreading on the surface is enough. Manure, especially if it is of medium quality, can be aggressive and unbalance the soil, which will be detrimental when planting future crops.